About Us | Overview

About Medsugar

Medsugar works with grassroots institutions and national level agencies to bridge the gaps in medical services. Together we aim to deliver a quality care to the people with Diabetes and other ailments.

Medsugar is a new generation diabetic and general health care start-up based out of Chennai, India with its proven track record of operation. Medsugar focus on diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. It focus more on educating patients about diabetes so as to enable them to take informed decisions.

Diabetes has the potential to damage vital organs more specifically heart, kidneys, neuro-system and eyes. Hence, we focus not just control diabetes but also screen and monitor for any organ involvement at a very early stage. Better control of diabetes and early detection for organ damage helps to avoid major complications.

Medsugar completely understands the gaps that exist in the rural medical infrastructure, medical & para-medical staff requirements, building awareness on health education, delivery of quality health care services and affordability. Keeping this in mind, Medsugar works with national level agencies to bridge the gaps and deliver a quality care to the patients.

Our Vision

We envisage everyone with diabetes to have quality medical care at affordable, accessible and in the most convenient way.

Our Belief

We at Medsugar believe that we can make healthcare safe, accessible, and cost-effective. Our services and education process is the most convenient and empowering one for a quality life.

Diabetes is No more a Challenge when you partner with Medsugar