About Us | Founder, Board & Team

Founder and CEO

Pon Aananth is the Founder and CEO of Medsugar, a health care company focussing on affordable health care service for people with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. Aananth developed Medsugar’s home care program, Clinic at home service and Rural and Urban Health Entrepreneurs (RUHE) program to bring convenience to the patients and also to reach people at last mile.

Over the past 16 years, Aananth worked with leading NGOs, larger philanthropic organizations and leading financial institutions at senior levels. He was instrumental in making those programs more of enterprising one.

Our Board

The board has vast and wider range of expertise in the field of medical, finance and social enterprising.

Medical and Operations Team

Dr. Muthukumar S

Director – Medical Operations

Dr. Peter Ngatia

Director – Medical Operations, Kenya

Dr. Anna A

Senior Diabetologist

Dr. Adithya Muthu S

Senior Diabetologist

Dr. Kapil Bhardwaj


Dr. Mahalakshmi S

Diabetologist., ENT Surgeon

Dr. Raja Rajesvari L


Dr. Srinath T


Dr. Aravindkumar J


Ms. Preethi M

Passionate Physical Theraphist

Ms. Pradeepa Raj

Director – Operations

Mr. Kannan G

Director – Finance

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