Why Medsugar ? | People at high risk of Diabetes (PHRD)

People at high risk of Diabetes (PHRD)

Medsugar designed an exclusive program called " Wellness 2.o" for people at high risk for diabetes. Wellness 2.O is an advanced program of Medsugar to prevent diabetes and other vascular diseases by changing the lifestyle and food habit. A small changes in our routine make big differences towards a healthy life. It mainly focuses on corporates- IT, FIs and Banks and other sectors where people have sedative lifestyle. Wellness 2.o focus and track four parameter namely - 1. Food and daily routine 2.Basic blood investigations 3. Sensor based monitoring of blood glucose for a period of ten to fifteen days 4. Analysis of past medical records and ongoing treatments if any.

Based on the comprehensive assessment of health condition, blood investigations, food and routine, work life balance, we classify the individual as risk and non-risk groups. Team of Medsugar's fitness team, physicians and psychologists work with the risk group on and off site to reduce the risk for diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

A small Change in your routine will make a big difference in your health.